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Warranty & Guarantee

All products from Ai-Greentech are brand new with top quality, and they will be tested by our professional

quality controllers before delivered.

All the products come from Ai-Greentech are guaranteed 1 year warranty for repair, return or replacement.

If your customers have any using problem of the products that buy from Ai-Greentech, please consult with

your customer for the detailed problem information, and then feedback to us. We will discuss the issue with


Via our technical support, we can dig out your using problem via our technical support in most of cases. If

confirmed no problem, you have no need to return back to us. If confirmed any irremediable problem with the

goods,we will suggest you to return them to us for repair or replacement,we will provide you our postal

address.Any consult result, please inform your customers and you can provide our postal to him for returning


If you allowed, we can also glad help you to consult the problem with you customers directly.









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