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Talking Projection LED Clock, Alarm Clock

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     1. Sound controlled backlight
     2. Projection time function: Projects the Time onto your wall or ceiling
     3. LED backlight: Green, Blue, Red, White and so on.
     4. Hourly talking function: English. By TALKING key in a short time, can TALKING time and temperature, In 2
         seconds can TALKING year, month, day or week.
     5. Calendar function: Can be changed From Jan. 1st 2010 to Dec. 31th., 2099.12-hour or 24-hour Format for
         chose; It's on Jan. 1st, 2008 at 12: 00 a. M. On Tuesday when opening.
     6. LCD Clock shows time, temperature, day and date .
     7. Digital Thermometer: range: Russian – 30 ° ~ 50 ° c and other language – 10 ° ~ 50 ° c
     8. Alarm with Music/Snooze
     9. Various languages for choice:
          English, Spanish ,Russian ,Portuguese ,Italian ,French ,Korean ,German ,Japanese and Chinese ,
          but only one language per clock
     10. Countdown Time
     11.Uses 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
     China patent no: 201130033457.X
     Product Size: 11*10.1*9.2CM
     Qty : 60PCS/CTN
     Carton Size:48*33.7*52CM
     Color :White
     MOQ: 1000PCS

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