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HIFI Charger Speaker with clock for ipad & iphone

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This product is designing for iPad,iPhone,iPod console charging, and could use as a charger speaker for other kinds of audio equipment to play music.
1.It is using the Ipad/Iphone original adapter for supporting power, could charge ipad,iphone console when power on.
2.With audio input plug , support many external device like MP3, MP4.
3. With LCD data clock and alarm clock function.
4. With volume switch, user could adjust the volume by using its switch.
5. With data transfering function, could connect the console to PC by using this product for data transfering.
Accessories including in this product:
1PCS USB cable (big 4pin to small 5pin, length: 1000mm)
1PCS 3.5mm audio cable
1PCS 3V button battery

User Manual

1. Plug the Ipad, Iphone or Ipod console to charger, then connect original Ipad/Iphone AC to power, when it is connecting successfully, the charger could start charging the console.It will showing charging on console, whatever the speaker power switch is on or off, it will not effect the charging situation at the same time.
2.Turn on the power switch on the charger speaker,then enter into the console to play music, speaker will open automaticly,then press the -/+ key button to adjust its sound,press the power switch on the speaker then the music will stop,press another time it will open again.
3. Put the audio device (MP3,MP4 and so on) through audio cable to connect the audio plug on the charger, it will be use as a outer speaker.
4. User could setting the time on the data clock, alarm clock by the keys ‘CLOCK’,‘ALARM’,‘HOUR’and‘MIN’on speaker.
5. After the alarm clock time setting,user can set on or off the alarm sound through 'ALARM ON / OFF'.
6. The data clock is using 3V button battery for supporting its power. User could replace the battery by openning the battery cover when the battery power is low.
7.Plug the USB cable to charger then connect the console to PC, it could be data transfering between
console to PC.(Remark: If it is using for Ipad, only for data transfer used, could not charge ipad)






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