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3D Hollow Plating Protection Cover for iPhone4 & 4S

Item ID #A1058005

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Packaging: PP Bag

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This product is a protection cover for iPhone4/iPhone4S, using advanced ABS material, to be special plating coating, specially, fashion design presents new 3D effects, and feel comfortable, lightweight and durable.

1. Durable wear-resistant, can effectively prevent the external environment to unnecessary wear and tear on the body, protect the iPhone.
2. Unique shell shock absorption and crash protection, which can effectively absorb part of the direct impact to properly protect your Iphone.
3. Tailor-made, special size design, closely linked to the body,good quality.
4. Fine process, not hinder the location of the interface, extremely easy to operate various functions.
5. Six color is available, carton packaging is included.

User Manual:
1. Simply place the iPhone into the protective cover with correct direction can be.
2. For cleaning, wipe gently with a damp cloth.

1. Please do not use chemical solvents to clean this product.
2. Please do not spill acidic agents, applied to the products.
3. Please do not place the product under high temperature or the product in a fire.
4. Please do not squeeze or drop the product.





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